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Certified Vendor Programs – Caution

October 18, 2021

Some of our competitors require contractors and vendors to pay them a fee in order to become a “certified” or “approved” contractor or vendor. Many people, including ourselves, consider this a form of kickback. Coast Management of California does not follow this practice. See: Certified Vendor Programs – Caution for additional information.

Escrow Services Provided by Management Companies

October 18, 2021

Management companies provide escrow related services when homeowners in community associations either sell or refinance their property. If a sale, the services are paid for by either the buyer or seller, but never the HOA. If a refinance, the services are paid for by the mortgage broker or borrower, but never the HOA. See: Escrow Services for Homeowner Associations and Escrow Holder-Functions for additional information. Coast Management of California provides these important services to owners of homes within the association we manage. We also offer these services to self-managed homeowner associations and other management companies located throughout California.

Management Fees – How Are They Determined

October 16, 2021

Board members sometimes ask how management companies determine the amount to be charged for homeowner association management services. The answer depends on several factors: See: How Are Management Fees Determined? for details

Developer to Homeowner Transition Services

October 14, 2021

Developer to homeowner transition services are available to boards at no cost anywhere in California which include board training seminars. The service is offered by Zoom or in person depending on the location.

Multilingual Staff

September 27, 2021

While most of the people who call our firm speak English, sometimes English is the caller’s second language, making it easier for them to communicate in their first language. Please note that we have staff that speaks Mandarin Chinese, Armenian, and Farsi.

Rules of Conduct at Board Meetings

September 27, 2021

Sometimes boards find that it is difficult to run orderly and efficient board meetings. As a result, we have prepared: Board and Homeowner Meeting Rules of Conduct which you will find on this site. Your association may adopt the suggested rule or distribute the information to the membership.

Do Not Use Companies

September 27, 2021

Since the formation of our HOA management company, we have utilized the services of hundreds of businesses. Most have been very professional and competent. There are only a few businesses that we must recommend that you avoid. See: Do Not Use Companies.

Maintenance Requests

September 10, 2021

Routine maintenance requests can be sent to us by utilizing a form on our website. The advantage of using the form is that it creates a written record of the communication and, if completed, provides us with vital information that will assist us in providing a timely response.

Board Member Elections

September 10, 2021

Most board members are aware that the inspector of elections for all secret ballot elections, cannot be a member of their board, a candidate for the board of directors, an owner who is related to a member of the board of directors, or anyone under contract with the association. This includes the management company, the association’s attorney, the association’s accountant, or anyone employed by them.

While Coast Management of California, and its affiliates, cannot act as the inspector of elections for Coast clients, we can assist our clients by directing them to Coast’s affiliate website: HOAlnspectorofElections.org. This website is designed to educate board members concerning all aspects of the secret ballot process to be followed in California.

Handyman – Maintenance Service

July 20, 2021

Coast Management of California now provides handyman and maintenance services. For information: PacificCoastPropertyServices.com




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