Winter Preparation – Preventive Maintenance

It is highly recommended that HOA board members authorize their property manager to take certain actions well in advance of the winter season. The cost will be less during the dry season and the chances of property damage will be reduced. Following is a checklist: (1) Roofs should be inspected for needed repairs; (2) Roof gutters and drains should be cleaned and inspected for needed repairs; (3) Decks for which the association is responsible, should be inspected for needed repairs; (4) Sump pumps should be tested after the area around them is cleared of debris; (5) Drainage lines in the common areas should be cleared so they will be able to carry the maximum amount of water; (6) Slopes should be protected with additional plant material or sand bags, if needed; and (7) Sand bags and tarps should be acquired from the local hardware store or fire department, for emergency use, before supplies become scarce. The cost of preventive maintenance performed now could save your HOA members substantial dollars later. Remember, once the rain starts, roofing companies will be swamped with calls. This is when prices increase.