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The Property Management Company You Hire Makes a Difference


Our President and CEO who trains and supervises our managers has 34 years of homeowner association management experience. He became licensed as a general contractor in 1979, a Certified Property Manager in 1979, and a homeowner association attorney in 1998. He now spends the majority of his time supervising and training our property managers and providing HOA board training seminars.

Coast Management of California owns Pacific Reserve Studies which has been providing high quality reserve studies to clients throughout Southern California since 1993. We have years of experience which is available to assist our management clients. Coast Management of California owns Pacific-Coast Property Services which provides maintenance, handymen, and construction services to those clients that choose to use our services. Pacific-Coast Property Services is almost always able to save our clients both time and money.

The owners of Coast Management of California own Nationwide Accounting Services which provides accounting services to our management clients and others in need of accounting services anywhere in California.

Our firm regularly provides its clients with valuable, relevant information on our HOA Blog and by means of the articles published on our own website.

We have a highly experienced insurance administrator on staff who is available to consult with management about any insurance related matter.

Coast Management of California has an experienced assessment collection division that assists our clients by collecting delinquent association assessments. Our collection manager has collected millions of dollars for homeowner associations located throughout California over more than 30 years.

We make board members look good.

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