Subprime Real Estate Loan

A subprime real estate loan or mortgage loan is a loan that has a higher interest rate than a prime loan or A paper loan. Subprime loans are usually adjustable rate loans as opposed to fixed rate loans, thus reducing the market or interest rate risk to the lender and passing it on to the borrower.

Sub prime loans are offered to borrowers who have impaired credit histories and FICO Scores generally at 600 or below. Subprime borrowers may have:

  • Limited or no credit experience
  • Excessive debt
  • A history of late payments
  • Written-off debts
  • A prior bankruptcy
  • Unpaid judgments
  • Tax liens

While obtaining a subprime loan will cost the borrower a premium, it also offers the borrower an opportunity to rebuild his or her credit and buy a home sooner rather than later.

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