Rental Home Management and Leasing

While Coast Management of California does not manage rental homes, we have made arrangements with a company that specializes in managing and leasing investment properties including rental homes on very attractive terms.

Pacific-Realtors. net manages rental homes in most areas of Los Angeles County and Ventura County for a flat fee of $150 per month. Leasing fees are 5% of one year's rent.

As an HOA management company, we are fully aware of how important it is for both the homeowner association and the landlord/owner to have a knowledgeable and experienced property management company, (familiar with CC&Rs, Operating Rules, and the Davis-Stirling Act) responsible for managing any rentals. Clearly, the management company can benefit the HOA, property owner, and the tenants.

If you own a rental home, we strongly suggest that you consider hiring


Cost Segregation - Cost Segregation Analysis


Cost segregation consists of a process whereby building components that can be depreciated over a relatively short time (5 to 15 years) are identified and reclassified so that accelerated depreciation can be calculated and claimed by the building owner, resulting in the significant deferral of state and federal income taxes and greater cash flow. See more.




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