Questions to Ask an HOA Management Company Before You Hire Them

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. Does your company have an attorney on retainer so we don't have to pay every time we have a legal question?
  3. How much construction experience do you have?
  4. Are you familiar with the two main assessment collection procedures and can you explain them to our board?
  5. Are all of your HOA managers employees on payroll and covered by workers' compensation insurance?
  6. How much accounting experience does your company have?
  7. Will my HOA manager be able to write letters in clear concise language or are they from foreign countries?
  8. Are your managers available for weekend board meetings?
  9. How much experience does your company have with reserve studies?
  10. Will your company be able to provide our board everything we need to know about holding board elections, restating our governing documents, and approving special assessments under the new laws?
  11. Will you be able to explain to our board how to establish legally enforceable operating rules and how to restate our bylaws and CC&Rs?
  12. lf your CEO worked for another HOA management company before starting his or her own company, what would his or her former employer have to say about you?
  13. Do you provide litigation management services?
  14. Does your company provide board training webinars for associations in California?
  15. ls your company a member of the Community Associations Institute (CAl)?
  16. Is your company a member of California Association of Community Managers (CACM)?

Our Answers

  1. The owners of our company have been in the business of managing homeowner associations since 1987 when we started our own management company.
  2. We have an attorney on retainer and our president also has 22 years of experience practicing HOA law. Our clients almost never have to consult with an outside attorney.
  3. We have a substantial amount of construction experience. The president of our company was licensed as a general contractor for over 25 years and is available to provide advice to our clients concerning construction and maintenance issues.
  4. We are very familiar with all aspects of assessment collections. Michael Chulak has personally handled over 100 HOA assessment collection cases.
  5. None of our HOA managers are classified as independent contractors. Under California law, HOA managers are employees. They must be on payroll and provided workers' compensation insurance.
  6. We have extensive accounting experience. The principals of our comparw are the owners of Nationwide Accounting Services which is a full-service HOA accounting firm that also prepares and files tax returns for HOAs, small businesses, and individuals.
  7. All letters produced by our company are reviewed and approved by someone with excellent English skills.
  8. We can be available for board meetings, annual meetings, and hearings on weekends and Friday evenings if requested in advance.
  9. Our company has extensive experience with reserve studies and the laws that apply to reserve studies. The principals of our firm are the owners of Pacific Reserve Studies, which provides reserve studies for homeowner associations throughout Southern California. See:
  10. We can provide you with answers to any questions you may have concerning homeowner association elections. Michael Chulak has been providing election services for homeowner associations located throughout California for more than 35 years. See: for information.
  11. We can explain to your board how to establish legally enforceable operating rules as well as election rules that are now required by law. We can also explain the process for amending or restating your association's bylaws and CC&Rs.
  12. Our CEO has been self-employed since 1987 so this question does not apply.
  13. Our president, Michael Chulak provides litigation management and consulting services for homeowner associations located anywhere in Califomia. He has provided expert witness and consulting services for more than 30 years and has been employed by over 100 law firms and associations.
  14. We provide board training webinars by Zoom and in person. See: for information including a list of topics covered.
  15. We are members of the Community Association Institute (CAl) which has proven to be very valuable. Nearly all first-rate HOA management companies are members.
  16. We are members of the Califomia Association of Community Managers (CACM) which has proven to be very valuable. Nearly all first-rate HOA management companies are members.