Peaceful Assembly

Under California law, members of residential community associations have certain rights including the right to assemble for specific purposes in certain areas. Common interest developments (CIDs) may not prohibit individual homeowners from:

A residential Common interest development (CID) may not prohibit individual owners from:

  • Peacefully assembling during reasonable hours for purposes related to CID living, homeowner association (HOA) elections, legislation, elections to public office or the initiative, referendum or recall process;
  • Inviting public officials, candidates for public office or representatives of homeowner organizations to meet with residents to speak;
  • Using an available common area or an individual owner's property, with their consent, for an assembly or meeting for above purposes;
  • Canvassing and petitioning residents and HOA members for the above activities during reasonable hours; or
  • Distributing information about CID living, association elections, legislation, elections to public office, or other issues relevant to CID members during reasonable hours.

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