Operating Rules Available

Our company has an extensive library of attorney approved operating rules that can be made available to your homeowner association. A sample of these rules follow:


  • Allocation of Cost for Clogged Drains
  • Cleaning of Dryer Vents
  • Clubhouse/Recreation Room Use
  • Conduct of Members at Meetings
  • Confidentiality Requirements for Board Members
  • Encroachments into the Common Area
  • Excessive Vehicle Speed
  • Failure to Make Unit Available for Inspection
  • Failure to Purchase Homeowner Insurance
  • Failure to Purchase Renters Insurance
  • General Schedule of Fines
  • Hard Surface Flooring
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Installation of Private Washing Machines
  • Installation and Repair of HVAC Units on Roofs
  • Installation of Satellite Dishes
  • Interfering with Vendors and Contractors
  • Items Stored on Balcony Decks or in Patios
  • Leaving Entry Doors or Gates Open
  • Leaving Faire Doors Open
  • Nuisances
  • Parking Violations
  • Pet Rules
  • Pool Rules
  • Reimbursement of Recording Secretary Fee at Rule Violation Hearings
  • Renting of Extra Parking Space
  • Responsibility for Payment of Insurance Deductible
  • Smoking Restrictions
  • Tenting for Termites
  • Unreasonable Noise
  • Use of Washers and Dryers
  • Vehicles with no License Plates
  • Washing of Vehicles
  • Window Covering Restrictions


The cost of one operating rule is $100 which includes providing the rule with written instructions (you determine the fine for violations) and attendance at a Zoom meeting. Additional rules processed at the same time are $50 each. We will explain the process and answer questions at the Zoom meeting  and will provide appropriate language to include in the minutes of the meeting.

Board members are to verify that the proposed rule does not violate the existing CC&Rs, If preferred, we can review the association's CC&Rs and make this verification for $100.

Call to discuss your association's requirements for operating rules. There is no cost for the initial consultation.

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