Neighborhood Safety Evaluations

Owners and renters often ask us whether a particular neighborhood is safe. By law, we are not permitted to provide such opinions but are able to provide the means to obtain the information requested.

While there are many websites that provide crime statistics and other relevant information, we recommend that you visit and the National Sex Offender Public Website to obtain the requested information.

When you enter an address on the website, it will display a list of crimes reported in the vicinity complete with dates, the types of crimes committed and other relevant information. You can compare neighborhoods using this tool. The information is collected from various law enforcement agencies.

When you enter an address on the National Sex Offender Public Website, it will display a list of persons who are on the sex offender list including the crime, and their last known address. The information is collected by the U.S. Department of Justice from several sources.

While no neighborhood is completely free of crime, checking the available statistics is always prudent.


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